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I am a writer from Atlanta Georgia who has produced, and edited, digital and print content. I write poetry and literary criticism, and was recently named a "Top Writer" on Quora for 2018.


The Virtual Caribbean

A Confederacy of Bananas: A Brief History of the United Fruit Company

The associations conjured up by the term “banana republic” are muddled by time, and skewed by political pundits. Judging by its use by pundits and politicians in the 2016 election, the term is vaguely associated with corruption, thuggery, and most problematically, caricatures of Latin American nations.

The Virtual Caribbean
The Virtual Caribbean: Cuba

The word “Cuba” itself does not derive from Spanish, although historians are unsure of its exact origin. One possible origin of Cuba’s name is the Taino word cubao – which can be translated as “where fertile land is abundant.”

The Virtual Caribbean: Costa Rica

Aside from its cultural uniqueness, Costa Rica shares historical ties with the nations of the Caribbean – particularly through their shared colonial past. The same European power that would influence the language, the law, and the culture of the Caribbean nations, also formed Costa Rica as a modern state.

The Virtual Caribbean
The Virtual Caribbean: Barbados

The culture of Barbados, like all islands in the Caribbean, is one born from the pressure and clashes associated with the colonization of the New World.

Rhetorical and Literary Critcism


What should you never try in life?

Alex Coffman's answer: No seriously, don't smoke. I will be the first person to tell anybody that a cigarette is about the most enjoyable goddamn thing on God's green earth. They go wonderfully with coffee, they go great with beer, after a meal, when you've just had sex, when you're stressed, wh...

Are bisexual men only attracted to women who make them feel like a man?

Alex Coffman's answer: From 2013 to 2015 I dated a woman. I was attracted her because of her strength, her beauty, and her kindness. I never measured my attraction to her on how manly she made me feel. She was a softball player, an avid exerciser, and by all accounts, could've whipped my ass if...

Can I be paid for my poems?

Alex Coffman's answer: Sure you can. That being said, it's not easy, and it's difficult to make a career out of it. I was published in the University of Pittsburgh's Collision Literary Magazine this year. I submitted five poems, and they selected one for publication. I won third place, and was a...