Alexandra Wagner

Sample Writings

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Yearbook Page
Express Yourself

This is one of the many yearbook pages I did. I chose this one because I love the meaning behind it. It was fun to make, and it made me get involved in the students life because I had to interview and ask them the meaning behind what they love.

research paper
Is Patriarchy Gone?

In my English 1102 class, we were to choose a book, movie, or television series and write a research paper on how it fits into a literary school of criticism. I chose to write about my favorite book Big Little Lies and write about how it fits into the feminist school of criticism.

Social Problems
Girls in the Workforce

In my social problems class, we worked to create challenging pieces that discussed problems in society. In this paper that discusses feminism, Girls Who Code is the program that works to break the gap between men and women in the workplace.

Sample Writing

As a challenge, my teacher made us give up something we loved for three days, and we had to write about the experience we had. I took on the challenge of giving up processed food.

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