Alex Thielen

Writer / Creator / (Over)Thinker / Etc.

United States

Alex is a multifaceted writer and blogger hailing from Orange County, California. She spent the past six years in Los Angeles as a writer/producer and news manager for a digital media company, but after being self-diagnosed with Stage 4 Road Rage and accumulating copious amounts of Kardashian knowledge, she bounced.

Alex began channeling her inner "2000s teen" as a writer and beauty editor for Tiger Beat Magazine. She is passionate about fashion and pop culture, having written and produced digital media for a more "mature" entertainment audience down the road.

She then took a drastic turn into the wedding industry while taking a stab at marketing for a photography/videography company, creating content and implementing new marketing campaigns while simultaneously ugly-crying to wedding videos in her spare time.

Alex has since expanded her writing portfolio into copywriting for a successful men's clothing brand. Some of her other work can be seen on Elite Daily, Betches and Hello Giggles. In her spare time, Alex enjoys long walks through Target and making sure her French Bulldog is living her absolute best life.

Her Monday nights are fully consumed by The Bachelor and a glass of pinot, and she can quote every episode of "Friends" verbatim... but now she's just bragging.

Grab a cup of coffee (or wine, whatever) and take a look around!

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It is a widely known fact that the perfect cheese and wine pairing goes together like Oreos and peanut butter, or like fuzzy socks and fall. In simpler terms, they just complete each other.

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You've gotten through the workweek, and the night you've been waiting for has finally arrived. Endorphins are flowing, nerves are skyrocketing, and whether you're most looking forward to a big first date, a dreaded high school reunion or (let's be real) an intimate evening with Netflix, we all need a little something to take the edge off: All hail red, red wine.