Angelique Rodriguez

Freelance Writer

Location icon United States

Angelique Rodriguez here. Freelance writer entrepreneur. I am a fantastic researcher (my friends say I should work for the FBI), creative and driven. I have been writing for an online freelance company for the last year, however I have only submitted a handful of articles. I have a self-published short story on Amazon KDP and am the owner to a 3 year old blog. I love to use my creativity and research skills to create amazing content. Currently I am attending University and am in my 2nd year towards my Bachelor's in English.


This is the blog that I personally run and write for. Content varies from poetry, lifestyle blogging to relationship advice and discussion.

Creative Writing Discussion Board

This is an interview style piece of writing conducted between myself and another University student in my class.

Soul on Fire

This is a short story that was self-published on Amazon KDP.