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Are we getting any closer to seeing the end of Black Pete?

ON DECEMBER 5 the Netherlands version of Christmas, Sinterklaas, is welcomed with Santa Claus, chocolate, presents and... blacked up 'elves'. According to the original tale, 'Black Pete' acts as Santa Claus's servant and does his dirty work.

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Shiptheory 2020 Update

The start of a brand new decade is also the time of exciting updates at Shiptheory. We've been working our socks off since our last update to bring you more ways to make your shipping process even easier. Read our 2020 update to find out what's new in the 'shipiverse'.

News - Microloan > Masikini Maureen

Masikini Maureen is a 45-year-old widow who lives in Mwakhoza, Zambia with her five children. She is a member and secretary of the Titandizane group in Malawi. Titandizane means 'let's help each other' and consists of a tight-knit group of entrepreneurial women. Widows in Zambia When a woman is widowed in Zambia, she is often ...

Aquamarine Media
Why You Shouldn't Undermine a Competitor Analysis | Aquamarine Media

A competitor analysis is a critical element of a marketing plan as it is crucial that your business can measure up to the competition. By carrying out a critical evaluation of other businesses in your field, you can establish the pros and cons of their marketing, and fill the gaps with your business.

News - Microloan > Maretha's maize

Maretha Steven is the secretary of the Alinafe group in Tchawale, Malawi, a MicroLoan group of three local female business owners. She has five children under the age of 21 and is newly married to a maize and tobacco farmer. Maretha joined us a year and a half ago and accessed a loan of 60,000 ...

Monitoring and Evaluation Lab

Researchers Dr Dima Saber, Jerome Turner, Rachel-Ann Charles Background Based at the Birmingham Centre for Media and Cultural Research, the Monitoring and Evaluation Lab (M&E Lab) speaks to current concerns in co-creation and collaborative research, through developing quantitative and qualitative methods for the impact assessment of media and cultural projects, both in academic and non-academic contexts.

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What is Google Attribution? | Aquamarine Media

More than 50% of web traffic comes from mobile phones, and around 75% of adults start an activity on one device but use another device to make a conversion. With an average of five stages before a final conversion, and the inclusion of various devices, complex consumer pathways (the combination of ways that consumers travel to your website) are established.

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Government Plans to Scrap Maintenance Grants in NUS #CutTheCosts Campaign

Join the Fight against Government Plans to Scrap Maintenance Grants in NUS #CutTheCosts Campaign As part of the 2015 Budget, the government has put plans in place to get rid of maintenance grants for full-time students and replace them with a new loans-based system from September 2016.

Trick or Treat?

Ghosts, Witches, Bats, Monsters ... you know what time of year it is! HALLOWEEN! Many events are being held all over the country this weekend for Halloween, but with so much choice, it's so hard to decide, which one to choose for your spooky night.

No money? Do not worry!

We all know how hard it can be to budget your money as a student, especially when you already have so much to juggle! However, when the going gets tough, these tips will make your life a whole lot easier. 1. Stay away from the takeaways and ready meals!

Birmingham City University : CHIME Research Project

Birmingham City University is a modern university with around 22,500 students from 80 countries. The University has strong links with industry and the professions and an established track-record of providing quality higher education and professionally relevant research.

Cultural Intermediation & Creative Economy

Background Professor Paul Long is the Communities Work Package Lead of the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) funded project , 'Creative Intermediation and Creative Economy'. It is a joint research project between the University of Birmingham, University of Salford, Liverpool John Moores University, City University and the University of Cardiff.

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