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Funny Female Foodtreprenuer

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I wanna make you laugh. I wanna make you eat. I don't wanna make you laugh while you eat, though--that's dangerous.

I've created a show that combines my love of food and funny. It's called The Food Funny. It's looking for a new home at the moment.

I also run a Food Tour Company in the wonderful city that I call my hometown, New York--perhaps you've heard of it. A food tour is where you learn about cool stuff while you eat. Often on your feet.

When I'm not on stage or in the streets, I write for myself and sometimes for others, like Damascus Bakery, I love the Upper West I am happy to provide specific samples upon request. On Comedywire, Pitch and a #Binder

Also, sometimes I do the acting thing.


Food Writing

I Love The Upper West Side
Best Chinese Food on the Upper West Side | I Love The Upper West Side

Unlike the neighborhoods of Flushing, Queens and Sunset Park, Brooklyn, which represent a more varied cuisine of Chinese Food given the heritage of their residents for the last 20-30 years, the Upper West Side had a much more predictable style of Chinese dining options until recently.

I Love The Upper West Side
The Best Burgers on the Upper West Side - I Love The Upper West Side

When I was initially asked to write about the best burgers on the Upper West Side, I was pretty sure I had my list mostly locked down with maybe one spot I was still debating. And then JG Melon closed and I had ANOTHER spot to fill.

I Love The Upper West Side
Best NYC Slice Shops on the UWS - I Love The Upper West Side

Hi, my name is Adrienne Cooper, and I am a New York City Slice Snob. Phew. That feels good to get off my chest! Look, everyone knows that New Yorkers are very particular about their hometown eats. Whether we're discussing bagels, hot dogs, falafel, or pizza, it's gonna get heated very quickly.

I Love The Upper West Side
Best Upper West Side Brunch Spots - I Love The Upper West Side

The great thing about brunch is that it works for nearly any kind of crowd-even those with kids. While they marvel over a pile of pancakes, parents can start knocking back bloody marys and mimosas without any judgment, as early as 11am!

I Love The Upper West Side
10 Female Owned Restaurants | I Love The Upper West Side

As a self-described Funny Female Foodtreprenuer, I'm always appreciative of my fellow badass broads who take on the daily challenges involved with running a business. Especially in an industry that's been so dominated (and frequently sullied) by men for the last several centuries-I guess that's most industries.

Fun Foodie NYC
Feasting Like a Georgian

I know that my site may be a little confusing at the moment, but I promise I'm working on it! In the meantime, please enjoy this abbreviated sum up on my culinary experience in Georgia (The Republic of) as I presented it to the Guides Association of New York City .

I Love The Upper West Side
The 5 Most Underrated UWS Restaurants | I Love The Upper West Side

While the Upper West Side still has to battle this long-standing reputation for less-than-travel-worthy eateries, we've always had a few stellar stand-outs that have made the cut in some of the top NYC foodie publications. But, those of us that live and work in the area know that there are plenty of hidden gems to be enjoyed.

I Love The Upper West Side
Top 5 Historic UWS Restaurants | I Love The Upper West Side

While most of us Native UWSers have seen our favorite local haunts shutter over the years (RIP Big Nicks), there are still a few that remain. Here's my list of favorites from those who've been a fabric of our community longer than I have.

Fun Foodie NYC Tours
FAVORITED: Bo's Bagels

My favorited series highlights the restaurants, stalls, markets, and any other kinds of food purveyors that make the top of my list for the best of what they offer in this city. Bo's Bagels was a welcome addition to the Harlem Bagel Desert, I've lived in for 10 years, and they do a damn fine job.

Content and Copywriting

The Salvation Army: Serving the Most Controversy

I wrote this for a tour app company I have done some work for, where I write script narrations for different themed tours through New York City. I wrote an LGTBQIA+ themed tour for them over the summer that begins on 14th Street and ends on Christopher.

Hudson Essentials
Hudson's Essential Tips to Baking your Best!

Hudson's Essential Tips to Baking your Best! A Beginner's Guide Here at Hudson Essentials, we have created our products with chefs, bakers, and home cooks in mind. Moreover, we thought it was time to take this relationship with our customers to the next level.

Hudson Essentials

Meet the Makers Behind the Bakers!

Flirting with Flavors
Do the Hoke Poke!! - Flirting with Flavors

posted by Pamela Morgan Have I told you that I'm taking ballroom dancing? I adore it. It's my escape for a few hours a week. I was a former jazz dancer; but ballroom dance is like learning a new language. It's challenging but exhilarating.

Comedy Writing

Time's Up for our Punishment of The Catholic Church

It's been over a week since the first expose about the most recent slew of Catholic Priests (specifically in Pennsylvania - I haven't stayed up to date with any others that may have come out around the world since then, I'm sure there has been at least another) was brought to light by the #MeToo Media.

Everyday Exclusive - Medium

Have you ever felt like you don't belong in any generational group, despite being born in a generation? Well, if you're like our founders, you have the opposite problem. Welcome to Everyday Exclusive: content for content's sake!

Adrienne E. Cooper - Medium

Read writing from Adrienne E. Cooper on Medium. Writer, Improviser, Actor, Native New Yorker, Knower of Things, Silly Human, Entrepreneur. Not to be confused w/the late Yiddish Singer of the same name.

Food and Comedy

The 9 Stages of A Big Mac Attack

The Big Mac is American Fast Food culture. Its promise is greater than its product. Studies show these are the 9 stages of craving, eating, and regretting a Big Mac, also known as the full Big Mac Attack. Temptation. Suddenly, and without warning, it feels as though the universe is telling you that everything's coming up Big Macs.

The Food Funny

The monthly show that gets comedians to chef, and chefs to comedy. Check it out, live on stage! You can be the judge!

Event Content

Foodielicious Event Planning Tips - komeeda - Medium

Whether you're planning something huge, like a wedding or a gala, a private dinner party in your own home, or something in between the two, like a progressively themed dinner for about 60 people a la our very own Elev8'd Eats Dinner, you have to put in some effort to pull out a success.

I Love The Upper West Side
Tugboat Race Watch & Cheer at Pier I | I Love The Upper West Side

Sunday, September 9th, 2018 marks the 26th year for the Annual Great North River Tugboat Race and Competition. Every year, tugboats from up and down the east coast make their way to our Hudson harbor for a little-known event that celebrates the small and mighty work they do with an event that's perfect for the whole family to enjoy!

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