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Adriana Chavez

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A Day in the Life of a Tech Student in New York City

I toss and turn in my bed for a while, happy to be cozy in my bed and in a half-conscious state. Then I jolt up, suddenly fully awake and aware. It feels late. The safe feeling I had only a few seconds earlier is gone. I start to panic, what time is it?

5 Countries Where Tech Is Thriving

Articles upon articles detail the tug-of-war that currently exists between London and Berlin to be Europe's leading city for technology and innovation. While I can't weigh in on that debate, I can say that Berlin's startup ecosystem rated #7 on the 2017 Global Startup Ecosystem Report published by Startup Genome.

I'm A Girl Who Codes
To AppNexus, From a Girl Who Codes - I'm A Girl Who Codes

This post was written by Adriana Chavez, a participant in this year's Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program at AppNexus. In the spring of 2017 I was accepted into the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program. I scanned my acceptance letter and saw the name of the host company I would be spending more than 250 hours of my summer with: AppNexus.

Doctor Who? Immortal Time Traveler Arrives in the 21st Century

Starting in 1963, Doctor Who has entertained fans old and new in the adventures of a time travelling alien penned "The Doctor". When William Hartnell decided to step down in his leading role as the Doctor in 1966, the show found an ingenious way to ensure that quitting actors would not result in the end of the show.

Coding Wasn't For Me - I Made It Mine

I never intended to fall for computer science. He was the geeky kid in the corner of class, and I was the girl up front mocking his pimples. "Devoid of creativity", "mindless, boring computer work" and ultimately "not for me" were descriptors I was most likely used to describe what coding was a year ago.

How To Land A Job In Tech

If you're a pre-entry or high school student interested in eventually entering tech, why wait? Though going into the tech industry before you're even at university can be a challenging feat, it is equally rewarding. In an age where every job requires experience, it is extremely valuable to have something to show for before you've even fully entered the workforce as an adult.

GIRLS and the Letters We Write Project
Tips For Balancing Mental Health in School

Mental illness is a crisis that affects many students. Most of the time these issues are overlooked because people simply do not understand the severity of mental illness.

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