Vicki Handley

Copywriter & Founder, Adminspiration

United Kingdom

Hi there, I'm Vicki. I'm a copywriter for problem-solvers, solution-finders, and change-makers. I write articles, blogs, case studies, social media posts, and websites, always ensuring that the copy is 'perfectly purposeful'.

Poems. Volume 1

Our treasury of inspiration, from stunning homes to gorgeous interior details. Poems is a journal or story book of sorts that incorporates the experiences of the people behind the oak projects - our wonderful clients, crafts people and those that design and build to bring oak frame dreams to life.

Ems Rae Searle
Ethical Marketing Strategy Services with Ems Rae Searle

I'm Ems Rae Searle, I'm an Ethical Marketing Strategist for service-based businesses, and I'm on a mission to rid the online world of gross and icky marketing tactics. How can I help? "Okay Ems, I'll bite - What's wrong with my traditional tried-and-true marketing tactics?" In a word? EVERYTHING. The result?

Blog_Design thinking - fluxfutures

Your people are your biggest asset. But how many companies can say they fully understand their teams' needs, motivations, and behaviour? Brands invest millions in identifying and understanding their customers. They know them inside out, down to the smallest of details and adapt their marketing and consumer experience accordingly.

Augmented Reality: How to use your child's screen time for good

Buttercup Learning shows how technology and parenting are two constantly evolving, stress inducing areas of life. Find here the research and the tools to help keep you and your family from developing bad habits and maintain a healthy relationship with devices and screens.

The trouble with 'should' | Aata Founder Coaching - Aata

When you use should to self-criticise (' I should have known better '), you: Identify a perceived flaw in your character; and Judge yourself harshly and feel shame for possessing that flaw. It's fitting, then, that the origin of 'should' is 'scold', a telling off.

Beesting Digital
SEO Optimised Blog Writing - Beesting Digital

Consistently cracking copy that packs an SEO punch. Blog writing is the bee's knees when it comes to boosting a website's on-page search engine optimisation (SEO). Every high-quality blog post is an opportunity for Google to notice your client's site, and for them to climb the search engine rankings for their carefully selected keywords.

Founder Coaching - Aata

Running a high-growth impact business is exceptionally complex. Founder coaching empowers you to make better decisions, and take your seat as an influential CEO.