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My freelance writing portfolio spans topics in travel, the environment, marketing/business, fashion/beauty, marijuana/CBD/kratom, sex positivity, and more.

A Foodie's Guide to the Different Types of Dim Sum - SifetBabo

At the end of the day, there is sometimes nothing more delicious and comforting than a serving of dim sum. So, it's time for 飲茶! What is your favorite type of dim sum? Or rather, do you even know the different types of dim sum? (ghost-written)

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Natural Love: Learn How to Embrace Your Hair Just the Way It Is

Society tells the world all kinds of things, and sometimes it thinks it can dictate what is good hair and what is bad hair. Let us be clear: your hair is lovely as it is! It may feel hard to love your hair, but there are so many reasons why you should love it the way it is.

Will Instagram Reels Help Your Business? What You Should Know About the New Feature

It's no secret anymore: the President isn't happy with TikTok, so he's trying to do away with it. While it's sad for many within the TikTok community, it's opening up other apps to try and replicate their own versions of an app similar to TikTok. For Instagram, this meant the creation of Instagram Reels.
3 Aphrodisiac Recipes to Spice up Your Kitchen -

There's nothing like food to get you in the mood. Aphrodisiacs can help you there. Aphrodisiacs are foods or other substances that increase sexual desire, arousal, and more. Aphrodisiac foods are nothing new and have been prevalent throughout history.

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10 Interesting and Weird Halloween Facts

Boo! Time to get spooky! Even with COVID-19 raging around, Halloween comes like it does every year (like a ghost). While this year might be a little different, you can still enjoy Halloween. Treat yourself to Halloween candy, and watch those scary flicks. Make sure you dress up as well. (ghost-written)