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Making it as a Married Millennial Part 2

Before we get married or into any other form of committed relationship, we have a list of expectations of what our significant other will be like. We also have expectations of what the relationship will be like. Often, these types of expectations do not include times of downturn in the relationship.

Making It as a Married Millennial

I remember when I first saw her face. It was striking, couldn't think of anything else. As I fumbled various pick-up lines in my mind, she beat me to the punch and introduced herself to me before I could drop a line. Needless to say, I've been drawn to her like a moth to a flame.

So, you haven't figured it out yet...and that's okay

Stop me if this sounds familiar: You went to college, took out loans that you (probably forgot) you will have to eventually pay back. Then you changed your major a few times because, after all, this is the REST OF YOUR LIFE that you're trying to have sorted out before your 22nd birthday, so there's definitely no room for mistakes (or so we believe).