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Hollianne Head


I'm a versatile copywriter with a proven ability to create content that informs, persuades, inspires and starts conversations.
I'm also a qualified project manager and marketing professional with experience in planning and implementing imaginative, multi-channel B2C campaigns in the health, wellbeing, e-commerce and not for profit sector.


Blog Posts

30 Photo Book Ideas to Get You Started

Whether you're setting out to make a personal memento or working on a professional creative project, there are a million different things you can do with your Photo Book. Here we consider some of the inspirational and original ways people have used their best images to create beautiful Photo Books to be treasured, shared, sold, and displayed.

How to Self-Publish an Ebook

Ebooks are a quick and easy way for anyone with ambitions of becoming a self-published author to get their work out into the world. Here we'll show you how to self-publish an ebook successfully, step by step. Ebooks are forecast to make up nearly 26% of total book sales worldwide in 2018*.

A Magazine Can Be ...

Despite the increasing prevalence of digital content, the print magazine continues to be a popular format for professionals across the creative industry. The secret to its enduring success? Its capacity to be whatever you need or want it to be. ...

How to Write a Fantasy Novel

The commercial success of fantasy series such as J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books and George R.R. Martin's Game of Thrones saga mean that the fantasy genre is more popular than ever-both among readers and authors. The shelves of any good bookstore (physical or online) are stacked with tales of quests and adventures in new worlds, magical powers, and fantastical beings.

Browning York
Guest post: Internal comms for remote workers

My first guest post of 2019 comes from copywriter, Holly Head, and gives some really helpful ideas for communicating with remote workers. As someone who works from home full-time, this topic has some personal relevance for me. But I'm certainly not alone. Despite the recent focus on it, remote working, is not a new phenomenon.

10 Ways to Stand Out in a Crowded Creative Field

With so many opportunities for independent creative professionals to put their work out in the world, how do you avoid blending into the background? How do you stand out as a thought leader in a market where everyone is striving to create something new and different?

10 Online Resources & Websites to Help You Write Your Own Story

Just like any craft or task, having the right tools for the job can make writing your own story much easier. There are myriad online resources and websites out there to help with every aspect of story writing, from plot development to editing.

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Haemochromatosis UK
Healthy Eating and Iron Overload

A booklet written specifically for patients with Genetic Haemochromatosis, designed to help them make healthy choices when it comes to food and drink.

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