Pashma Manglani

Freelance writer, editor & researcher

Pashma's the managing director of a content writing firm and has written for publications as diverse as AME Info, Communicate, Business Pulse, [email protected] and Variety Arabia.
She's also worked on editorial at events such as the Dubai International Film Festival and the Sharjah International Book Fair.


5 Steps to keeping your cash flow in the black
By Pashma Manglani If there's one thing that could drag down an SME in its initial few years, it's failing to effectively manage cash flow. Liquid capital is the fuel that keeps...
Tackling cultural conflicts in the workplace - AMEInfo
Tackling cultural conflicts in the workplace Poor leadership and high stress levels listed as top reasons for disagreements We've all seen employee tiffs get out of hand -...
The rebranding trend - AMEInfo
Changing expectations from consumers, marketplace has caused companies to rethink their image Businesses operating in today's competitive landscape cannot rely solely on their...
Opportunities abound for SMEs in the UAE retail market
By Pashma Manglani Photo Credit:REUTERS/Ghazal Watfa When it comes to the retail market, the UAE has made a name for itself as a shopper's paradise. Boasting the world's largest...
Changing the outlook on Emiratisation
Experts say the quota system isn't working and it's time to focus on levels of engagement at the workplace There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to employing more...
Top tips for doing business in the UAE
When operating a business from the Middle East, there is more than just a language barrier to cross.
Mobile app-eal - Communicate Online
Is mobile an infatuation or a life changer? Depends on how you do it All of the cool brands are doing it. Whether it's through the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or Windows,...
Building a killer sales team
By Pashma Manglani 26 March 2013 How do you strike the right balance of aggressive go-getters with account managers who will sustain long-term relationships? Many entrepreneurs...
For the love of Pi
Mon Dec 10,2012 Suraj Sharma and Shravanthi Sainath, the two young stars of LIFE OF PI, had no inkling of what lay ahead for them when they showed up at a casting call.
Our Services
IMEX Real Estate is a full-service brokerage company, representing clients across the globe. We understand that there is a lot that goes into any property transaction, whether...
Region’s first casting portal connects talent with the film industry, a casting portal, seeks to connect actors with industry professionals.
Dubai guide
Helped compile a guide for expats
Twitterati hit 'no' key on nudity
It doesn’t take long to have an idea go viral in the online world and over the past five days, UAE’s twitterati have been all abuzz with saying ‘No2Nudity.’
Spread the word
The Referral Institute in Dubai aims to teach business owners how they can try and have some control over the referrals that direct business towards them.
An international experience closer to home
For many students, the key to brighter prospects seems to lie with getting a degree from an overseas institute.
Noose closes around TOEFL cheats
Authorities crack down on testing centres that help students to beat the system and gain admission to universities on the basis of false results

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