Simon Mitton

High level science writer and journalist specialist in astronomy, astrophysics, space science, cosmology

Graduate of Oxford and PhD Cambridge.

Recent publications include a large biography of the British cosmologist Sir Fred Hoyle (1915 - 2001), published in 2011 by Cambridge University Press He is co-author of Heart of Darkness, a major book on our present understanding of the nature of the universe, the origin of structure, dark matter and dark energy, Princeton University Press 2013 In June 2012 Springer brought out his academic edition of the autobiography of the cosmologist and astronomer Thomas Gold FRS, A further book of collected papers, on the cosmologist Georges LemaƮtre, was published in 2013 He is currently working on a book contracted to Cambridge University Press: this is titled Remarkable Astronomers. And he is researching a definitive biography of Georges LemaƮtre, who resided at St Edmund's House 1923-24 while working with Sir Arthur Eddington.

Simon Mitton is active in speaking and lecturing to the general public on the history of astronomy. In 2011 he was a keynote speaker at the Hay-on-Wye Literary Festival and at Astrofest2011. He and his wife Dr Jacqueline Mitton are Royal Astronomical Society Guest Lecturers for Cunard, and they give Planetarium presentations on the liner RMS Queen Mary 2

Simon is a founder Director of Total Astronomy Limited a company based in Cambridge that provides media services for the astronomy and space industries website has details of his publications and services to publishers.

Awards: The International Astronomical Union designated asteroid 4027 as Minor Planet Mitton in honour of the extensive outreach activity he and his wife, Dr Jacqueline Mitton, have done to popularise astronomy

United Kingdom


Science Watch, Thomson-Reuters

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