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Tim Hanson is a journalism professor at a small university in the southeastern United States. Before joining the ranks of academe, he worked for many years as a newspaper reporter, magazine editor and wire service correspondent.

Florence, South Carolina, United States

Tim Hanson's portfolio

  • _tlh6151-2
    South Carolina Living
    Join South Carolina fishing guide Steve Thomas as he battles a 10-pound Red drum on a homemade fly.
  • Brad_taylor
    South Carolina Living
    Spend time with guide Brad Taylor as he leads a client on an all-night hunt for an American alligator.
  • Madmax
    South Carolina Wildlife
    A profile of South Carolina falconer Mitch Brantley and his Red-tailed hawk "Mad Max".
  • Chopper and net copy
    South Carolina Wildlife
    The Walhalla State Fish Hatchery, built by FDR's Civilian Conservation Corps during the Great Depression, now helps drive a major segment of the state's booming outdoor tourism market.
  • Sunpix
    South Carolina Wildlife
    Game wardens, wildlife biologists, state archaeologists - all are up before dawn and hard at work for South Carolina's Department of Natural Resources.
  • 070531_tlh182
    South Carolina Wildlife 06/01/2009
    Wildlife Biologist Peter King works the South Carolina coast in an attempt to save this endangered little turtle.
  • Jeff
    South Carolina Wildlife
    Biologist Jeff Camper spent five years studying the Red-bellied water snake.
  • Stephen briefs a young visitor and his mother
    South Carolina Wildlife
    A multi-million-dollar facility north of Charleston works every day to rehabilitate raptors that have been hit by cars, shot by hunters or injured by other animals.
  • Sign
    South Carolina Living 04/01/2013
    A profile South of the Border - the tacky, world famous tourist trap on the North Carolina/South Carolina border. A companion piece takes a look at the wonderfully spicy soft drink Blenheim Ginger Ale.
  • Drivein
    South Carolina Living 09/02/2013
    At one time, nearly 5,000 drive-in movie theaters dotted the American landscape. Today, only a few hundred of them survive - three of which can be found in South Carolina.
  • _tlh9161
    South Carolina Wildlife
    Rainbow trout in South Carolina? Yes, indeed! Join fly fisherman Chase Dixon as he tests his angling skills along the East Fork of the Chattooga River.
  • Kayak 6-2-2
    South Carolina Living
    A quiet kayak ride through Sparkleberry Swamp offers time for reflection on - and appreciation of - our natural world.
  • Vess
    South Carolina Living 02/03/2014
    Retired ATF agent Dennis Vess has written a book about his rough-and-tumble days tracking down moonshiners in the American Southeast.
  • 20090117_untitled_0139
    South Carolina Living
    Retired firefighter Mitch Brantley has become an expert in the ancient art of falconry.
  • Ross
    South Carolina Living
    Ross Beard has spent his entire life collecting guns from around the world. Today, his collection is on display in Camden, South Carolina.
  • Cedar creek
    South Carolina Living
    Congaree National Park is one of South Carolina's natural wonders.
  • Car
    South Carolina Living
    A museum at Darlington Raceway features cars and exhibits that highlight the history of this legendary racetrack.
  • South Carolina Living
    Natural disasters can strike without warning, but with a little planning, you can be ready for anything.
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