Sarah Wayland

Writer / Counsellor / Speaker

A successful Sydney based freelance writer blending a background in trauma support with the skill of storytelling. Sarah writes predominantly about life, loss and the spaces in between for mainstream media, Government organisations and corporate business success stories. Contact her to discuss a story idea.

Sydney, Australia,AU

Sarah Wayland's portfolio

  • Books
  • Supportingthoseleftbehind2
    A counselling framework to support families of missing persons 2007
    ISBN 978-0-9804405-0-8 Each year in Australia, 35,000 people are reported missing to police. That’s one person every 15 minutes. For every missing person’s case reported, at least 12 people are affected whether it is...
  • Stories of courage from families of missing persons 2005
    ISBN 0734728646 Stories of courage from families of missing persons. This anthology catalogues four different stories from family members of missing persons - a sister, parents, a wife and a daughter. It describes, in their...
  • Corporate Writing
  • Australian Writers Centre
  • Success-lindyalexander
    Australian Writers Centre - Writing Bar
    Lindy Alexander, 34, a social worker and mum, completed the course in Magazine and Newspaper Writing at the Australian Writers' Centre in 2011. At the time, she was pregnant with her first baby. Lindy shares her ideas on...
  • Open-uri20140413-5-alw1wo
    Writerscentre 02/17/2014
    Jocelyn Pride completed the Australian Writers' Centre Travel Writing course in the summer holidays of 2011. She grew up in a home where storytelling was prominent. Her mother's skill of taking people on a journey with her love...
  • Open-uri20140413-10630-1tbd2n9
    Writerscentre 02/17/2014
    Cassy Small, 32, is a Sunshine Coast health and wellbeing writer. She completed the Australian Writers' Centre Magazine and Newspaper Writing Stage 1 course online in January 2012. The confidence to get started Like many...
  • Radio, Television and Podcasts
  • Open-uri20140411-8-1hyj1ey
    ABC Radio National Life Matters 03/19/2014
    As the search continues for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane with 239 people on board, many of us watch on with intrigue. But the families of the passengers and crew on board are caught between between hope and grief as they...
  • Open-uri20140411-8-14qb74t
    Australia Counselling 03/11/2014
    The shock disappearance of Malaysia Airlines MH370 with 239 people on board this week over the Gulf of Thailand while on route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing has captured the world's media attention. The mystery surrounding it's...
  • Stringio
    Australia Counselling 11/15/2013
    Podcast: Sarah Wayland is an Australia Counselling member who holds the unique title ofsocial worker and successful freelance writer. She has found that writing and blogging has been an effective way to attract new clients into...
  • Open-uri20131116-12-1up3wap
    ABC Radio National Life Matters 07/29/2013
    In Australia 35,000 people go missing every year. While 95% of those people are found, often within the first week, the remaining 'missing' leave behind family and friends that must deal with their loss.
  • Open-uri20131116-1784-lhxf6f
    SBS Insight 07/23/2013
    Are we doing enough to track down missing people? Add Your Comments Currently comments Jenny Karmas came home from work one evening to an unlocked, empty house. Although her husband Sam had left his keys, wallet and ute at...
  • Open-uri20131116-1784-17a4kcd
    ABC JJJ Hack
    35,000 people go missing in Australia every year. Most are found quickly. But imagine if your loved one never came home.
  • Open-uri20131116-1784-1si69cf
    MiNDFOOD - MiNDFOOD Radio: Sarah Wayland 04/26/2012
    Each year, about 35,000 reports are received by the police regarding a missing person and 1600 people remain missing. We chat to counselor Sarah Wayland about her work in the missing persons field, for International Missing...
  • ABC Radio National Life Matters 12/03/2008
    Couch surfing, having some time out, having a break - these are not terms you usually associate with missing people. But young people who lose contact with their families and friends do not always perceive themselves as 'missing'.
  • Commissioned work - Grief
  • Open-uri20131116-12-slb9a7
    The Conversation 24/05/2013
    Media stories about missing people are as intriguing as they are common. As a community, we form our own opinions of the person who is absent by the details that the media shares with the public.
  • Open-uri20131116-12-1ln202i
    Mamamia 05/10/2013
    by SARAH WAYLAND Imagine for a moment stepping back in to the life you lived a decade ago. You might look quite similar, you know where you came from, who your family are, but your reflection will be tainted and tweaked by the...
  • Open-uri20131116-1165-rwzd4x
    Dailylife 07/30/2012
    Missing ... Daniel James O'Keeffe. It was just over a year ago that Loren O'Keefe last spoke to her 25-year-old brother Dan. He went missing on July 15, 2011. In those first few days Loren assumed that he might have just needed...
  • Suicides_wide-620x349
    Daily Life - Fairfax 09/10/2012
    How does one talk about the dead without reliving the loss?
  • Mindfood
    Mindfood 08/05/2012
    Three women share how they survived being bereaved by suicide
  • Mindfood
    Mindfood 06/22/2012
    What happens for families of missing people when they turn to the media for answers?
  • Open-uri20131116-1165-1lg9kef
    Dailylife 05/24/2012
    "The sadness people encountered after their loss actually gave them a new sense of meaning about their life." About nine years ago Ingrid Poulson's two children and father were taken in a violent attack by her ex-husband.
  • Mindfood
    Mindfood 02/22/2012
    One year on...a case study of five people affected by the Christchurch Earthquakes
  • Open-uri20131117-7-stpts2
    Mamamia 08/15/2011
    Social media provides an instant platform for people wanting to respond to tragedy and trauma. No matter what type of loss we might be witnessing the same words tend to swirl round and around - we rally at the injustice of...
  • Sydneyschild
    Sydneys Child 11/30/2009
  • Open-uri20131116-12-17a8x8f
    Essentialkids 10/21/2013
    EK Family Home Parents of missing child Madelaine McCann, Gerry (left) and Kate McCann, speaking during an interview aired as part of a major public appeal. Photo: AFP The images of Madeline McCann's face have flashed across...
  • Commissioned work - Mental Health
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