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Features Editor, BuzzFeed UK
Culture Editor, The Huffington Post UK
Content Editor, Bauer Media
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The Times, Guardian Online,, Empire Magazine
Men's lifestyle, culture, books, poetry, opinion, humour
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  • Open-uri20140403-5-msz78i
    Esquire 04/03/2014
    Kurt Cobain didn't care much for fashion. But unwillingly (all his influence was unwilling), he did set the style template for generations of angst-riddled teenagers, including mine. In all other counter culture movements,...
  • Open-uri20140326-11715-1pw58a7
    The Guardian 03/26/2014
    To trace journalism's erratic transition to the digital world, you only have to look at how dramatically headlines have changed - and why. Throughout the print era, pictures, standfirsts, opening paragraphs and several other...
  • Open-uri20140324-12-6vwxvr
    Esquire 03/12/2014
    Keen watchers of what New Yorker magazine first dubbed ' The McConaissance' - Matthew McConaughey's remarkable rise from rent-a-stomach rom-com journeyman to the year's most critically lauded actor - will have noticed the same...
  • Open-uri20140324-7-1o19mrs
    Esquire 03/10/2014
    For years, print publications used lists as mere adornments to bigger stories. 'Boxouts' of facts or funny asides were designed to break up the text and help draw your eye in - they were the seasoning on the meat of news...
  • Open-uri20140324-7-1xixksb
    Esquire 03/04/2014
    Warning: contains (small) spoiler from True Detectives episode four. In the midst of cinema's glory week, when the industry is still patting itself on the back for a successful Oscars, it may be a little churlish to draw...
  • Open-uri20140222-12-1e8ngop
    Esquire 02/17/2014
    There is a moment, about a third of the way into Gravity, when George Clooney's character is forced to confront one of the most horrifying deaths in cinema history. Floating unprotected in space, after almost reaching the...
  • Open-uri20140216-1816-h63qhe
    Esquire 02/10/2014
    It has been a football season of many unfamiliar joys this year. A genuine three way tussle at the top. A battle at the bottom that could yet drag several different teams into the abyss. But whatever happens at either end of...
  • Open-uri20140208-2260-e1b57m
    Esquire 02/03/2014
    In 1982, three years before I was born, my Father was living in a tank in West Berlin. He was the 'gunner' in a regiment ordered to be ready in case Russia decided to turn the heat up on the Cold War and invade Germany.
  • Open-uri20140127-16114-15eu8ax
    The Guardian 01/24/2014
    Imagine if, 20 or 50 years ago, newspaper editors knew not only how many people were buying their paper each day but precisely how much of it they read. Imagine if they could see in real time, as their readers sat on the train...
  • Open-uri20140219-12-1xc92uv
    Esquire 01/21/2014
    Exciting news in the world of Google Glass! Wait - you haven't even tried a pair on yet? No, us either. But the exciting news might just convince you, because it has to do with sex.
  • Open-uri20131211-5494-13jg2e7
    My favourite Christmas song is by Chris Rea, making this the earliest point in any article I've ever written where it feels necessary to issue the plea: 'hear me out'. But you know the one.
  • Open-uri20131211-5494-a8zssd
    Jeune & Jolie - 'Young & Beautiful' in English - is the French independent film that picked up a Palme d'Or nomination at this year's Cannes. It follows the story of Isabella, a Parisian teenager who decides to become a...
  • Open-uri20131211-7646-10b7mzh
    I was a curious child. I'd debate with anyone who came to the door - people from the Islamic community... Jehovah's Witnesses... anyone. The best piece of advice I ever got was from my Mom. We used to go church every Sunday.
  • Open-uri20131211-7646-1mir71b
    This year it started in September. An email arrived asking if I, as a member of the press, would like to attend the Movember: Cook Like A Man book launch, where 'foragers and roadies will be hanging out to share recipes and...
  • Open-uri20131026-9-nal55w-0
    Esquire 10/24/2013
    Watching Russell Brand lean into Jeremy Paxman and tell him, eyes wild with agitation, that the revolution is coming on Newsnight this week, I was reminded of the final line of The Sun Also Rises: "Isn't it pretty to think so?"...
  • Open-uri20131023-9-i16ty3-0
    Esquire 10/23/2013
    There is a wonderful moment, near the end of the average adolescence, when you come to terms with your own face. When after all those years frowning into a mirror, mining blackheads from your too-big-nose or trying to force...
  • Open-uri20131023-10-1ibzepw-0
    Esquire 10/23/2013
    Steve Coogan is bored of comedy. "Most acts I see on television, their sole objective is to have a career. They're very professional, very slick, but they look like they've read a manual on how to do stand up."
  • Open-uri20131023-10-yz48y2-0
    Esquire 10/16/2013
    In 2011, the British press was rocked by a phone hacking scandal that led to arrests, the closing down of the News of the World and the Leveson Inquiry - a year long investigation into press ethics that veered from the...
  • Open-uri20131023-10-12susyv-0
    Esquire 10/09/2013
    The boxset 'golden age' has been a blast. But which show tops them all?
  • Open-uri20131023-10-1ulvh0w-0
    Esquire 10/04/2013
    I don't cling to advice, but I'll always take it. God knows I need it. I have favourite roles. But I try to forget what they are on principle. I can't think of anything worse than meeting my heroes. What would I say to them?
  • Open-uri20131023-10-hzihhz-0
    Esquire 10/03/2013
    Poetry isn't quite an ugly word, but it is an uncomfortable one. Try suggesting it to a group of your friends and see the reaction you get - an immediate severing of eye contact in most cases, physical recoil in some.
  • Sky
    Esquire 09/03/2013
    Andy Cairns, tall, warm, Cockney, Executive Editor of Sky Sports News, leans in with a pleasing thought. "On Match Of The Day, they sort of sit almost with their backs to you, don’t they? Like you’re eavesdropping on...
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  • Pub
    Esquire 08/29/2013
    Everyone knows the pub bore. He’s the yellow-jowelled jackal with thinning hair leaning over a pint of flat ale at the end of the bar, eyeing each person who walks through the door with glass-eyed desperation. Ready to pounce...
  • Troll
    Esquire 08/05/2013
    Dear Troll, First off: allow us to clarify who this letter is addressed to for readers who don’t bother with Twitter, for whom looking at newspapers this past week must have been a bewildering experience. We are not talking...
  • Ernie
    Esquire 07/21/2013
    Why one little-known novel in particular, The Garden Of Eden, should cause us to re-evaluate the great caricature of American literature.
  • War poets
    The Huffington Post UK 02/07/2013
    When you think of war poetry, you’re usually drawn to the literary icons of the early 20th Century. To John McCrae’s young soldiers who ‘loved and were loved, and now lie in Flanders fields’, Wilfred Owen’s Doomed Youth, with...
  • Owl
    BuzzFeed UK 05/02/2013
    You really shouldn’t experience any of these more than twice a week. Please read sensibly.
  • Bum
    Esquire 07/15/2013
    Through the dusty haze of this unexpected heat wave, a deeply troubling sight keeps emerging. It leaps out at you on crowded high streets, music festivals or anywhere the young congregate: two moist crescents of flesh, like...
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