Rebecca Robinson

Freelance writer

I'm a generalist who has written in depth about crime, education, healthcare, social entrepreneurs, California's prisons, state and federal medical marijuana laws, and homelessness, among many other topics.

Awards received include: First Place, General Excellence (shared), California Newspaper Publishers Association (2011); Outstanding Talk Show, Alliance for Women in Media (2010); First Place, Public Affairs Journalism (shared), Associated Press Broadcasters Competition (2010); Second Place, Social Issues Reporting, Society of Professional Journalists, Oregon/Southwest Washington chapter (2009).

San Francisco, United States

Rebecca Robinson's portfolio

  • Longform
  • Cvr_1_t670
    Monterey County Weekly 07/05/2012
    Monterey County vets struggle with civilian life, but new projects promise help and hope.
  • Coverstory_t670
    Monterey County Weekly 09/22/2011
    More than 30,000 state prisoners will shift from state to county control starting Oct. 1— including 300-plus headed to Monterey County. What happens next is anybody’s guess.
  • Cover_story_t670
    Monterey County Weekly 07/21/2011
    Undocumented women servicing field workers, streetwalkers in seedy motels, high-end flesh sold at high-end events: sex sells in Monterey County.
  • Judysong
    Monterey County Weekly 06/16/2011
    From the feds to the county, the confusion surrounding medical marijuana laws is enough to drive a girl to get stoned.
  • Northprecinct(1)
    Portland Sentinel 12/02/2009
    “What I hear from [Portland Police Bureau] officers is, ‘we’ve never been stretched so thin,'" says Neighborhood Crime Prevention Coordinator Mark Wells. "How do we do more with less?”
  • Hotel250
    Street Roots 08/24/2009
    Portland's motels hide a troubling side of homelessness.
  • 100-dollar-bills_wallpapers_10251_1280x10242
    Street Roots 03/19/2009
    Portland is on track to receive $4 million for rapid rehousing of people affected by the recession. But the city has yet to hear what regulations apply on how that money can be used.
  • Cover-final_thumbnail
    Portland Sentinel 03/05/2008
    As some churches look to revive their congregations, the emergent church movement draws young Christians in droves.
  • Radio
  • Heartvalve
    Oregon Public Broadcasting 09/21/2010
    It's been half a century since Albert Starr co-invented and implanted the world's first artificial heart valve, but the impact of his medical milestone is still being felt today.
  • Foodcarts
    Oregon Public Broadcasting 08/20/2010
    What does it take to run a food cart? Is there fierce competition with other carts - or nearby restaurants?
  • Genes
    Oregon Public Broadcasting 08/11/2010
    Have you elected to use genetic testing? If so, why? What was your experience?
  • Jailbars
    Oregon Public Broadcasting 07/19/2010
    New evidence produced through post-conviction DNA testing has led to over 200 exonerations nationwide, and has cast a spotlight on the flaws in eyewitness testimony and visual memory that lead to wrongful conviction.
  • Eggdonation
    Oregon Public Broadcasting 06/03/2010
    Are all eggs created equal, or should people pay more for "better" genes?
  • Journalism
    Oregon Public Broadcasting 10/09/2009
    What do you see as the future of news? Is print media dying, or is it merely in a state of transition?
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Rasiej 09/19/2011
    Rasiej sat down with Dowser to talk about going head-to-head with Rudy Giuliani, getting stuck on a ski lift with a senator, and other adventures on the road to founding a nonprofit.
  • Aron-cramer-at-wef-photo-1-300x219 10/25/2010
    Financial and social profits don’t always go hand-in-hand; many view the two as antithetical. Aron Cramer has made a career out of upending this notion.
  • Blog-robinson-crowdsourcing-dero-041510-image-3-610x427 04/19/2010
    Crowdsourcing is an inherently inclusive approach and it allows organizations to engage throngs of aficionados. However, it has its pitfalls.
  • Blog-robinson-colalife-dero-image-2_crop-610x486 04/14/2010
    During a stint with Britain's aid program in Zambia, Simon Berry had an idea: What if Coke’s distribution channels could be used to deliver oral rehydration salts to developing countries?
  • Office-space 04/03/2010
    Toronto's Centre for Social Innovation is one of many new coworking spaces that strive to bring together members of the creative class under one roof.
  • Healthcare
  • Osh-large
    The Lund Report/The Oregonian 05/19/2011
    Matthew Kirby has seen things he’d rather forget during his stay at the Oregon State Hospital (OSH). These days, though, he has reason for hope.
  • Helpwithhealth
    Monterey County Weekly 10/13/2011
    County clinics, health departments team up to address Latino health disparities.
  • Hundreds-vert_4
    The Lund Report 03/30/2011
    The Human Services Coalition of Oregon submitted a letter to the legislature Wednesday offering cautionary recommendations to lawmakers preparing to slash services.
  • Baby-doctor-1
    The Lund Report 02/23/2011
    Senate Bill 97 would require continuing education in cultural competency as part of the licensure process for the state’s medical professionals.
  • Fist-pound-v_0
    The Lund Report 03/29/2011
    The latest amendments to Oregon’s health exchange legislation have incensed many of the bill’s former supporters.
  • Crime
  • Pixelip
    Monterey County Weekly 09/16/2011
    How an IP address led to an international child porn investigation