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I tell stories.
I write about - people and places, culture and society, philanthropy, human rights, international law, food, travel, family, education, yoga and more.
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London, United Kingdom

Lorenza Bacino's portfolio

  • Lauren fagan3
    Sydney Morning Herald 27/06/2014
    Lorenza Bacino June 27, 2014 Dream come true: Sydney soprano Lauren Fagan. Photo: Chris Blott Sydney soprano Lauren Fagan never expected to win a place in the Royal Opera House's prestigious and highly competitive Jette Parker...
  • View of the dalyan delta, from an archway at kaunos
    The Epoch Times 11/06/2014
    Unwind in Turkey, with yoga and discovery
  • Open-uri20140527-14065-5ykx2l
    The Guardian 21/05/2014
    There has been a threefold increase in the number of teenagers who self-harm in England in the last decade, according to a World Health Organisation collaborative study. The Health Behaviour in School-Aged Children (HBSC)...
  • Open-uri20140707-8-kxciw5
    Mumsdotravel 07/07/2014
    This is a guest post by Lorenza Bacino, freelance journalist and travel writer. Lorenza's lived and worked in France, Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium and Australia and is now based in London with her family (husband and two...
  • Open-uri20140601-5-1b2j0k9
    Lorenza Bacino investigates a new Hindi-language site giving answers to all the questions Indian youth were afraid to ask. An item from the Agenda section of the magazine, where we look beyond the news curve with reports and...
  • 20140326_104138
    Today we speak to a freelancer so multiskilled, so hardworking, with such a can-do attitude, she even taught us how to kiss. In addition to that most recent undertaking, Lorenza has also focused on human rights and...
  • How do i kiss
    New Internationalist 15/05/2014
    How the Dutch are teaching India about sex. Image courtesy of Radio Netherlands Worldwide
  • Lb1
    The Guardian 16/04/11
    family story
  • Img_5909
    Sydney Alumni Magazine 18/03/2014
    When a poor Nepali student answered a newspaper ad, it led to a scholarship that has rippled through the lives of students from around the world. Lorenza Bacino meets Dr Tejendra Pherali
  • Open-uri20140312-7-uixdmw
    Libertine 12/03/2014
    Knitwear designer Brooke Roberts is a busy woman. By day, she works as a cardiac radiographer at King's College Hospital in South London. By night she designs knitwear based on her patients' CT and MRI scans. Lorenza Bacino...
  • 20140327_095549
    Italia! 8/05/2014
    Lorenza Bacino explores what to see and do in Verona
  • Open-uri20131016-9-3q7b7-0
    Sydney Alumni Magazine 16/10/2013
    By Lorenza Bacino Forensic archaeologist Estelle Lazer is an expert on Pompeii. She spends most of her working life locked away in dusty vaults, trying to give ancient civilisations the life they deserve.
  • 20140326_153129
    The Epoch Times 30/04/2014
    Verona has much to offer the visitor beyond its Romeo and Juliet heritage. Lorenza Bacino explores
  • Open-uri20140428-6286-170arzq
    Mumsdotravel 04/28/2014
    This is a guest post by Lorenza Bacino. Lorenza's a freelance journalist and travel writer. She's lived and worked in France, Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium and Australia and is now based in London with her family (husband and...
  • The Simple Things 28/03/2014
    Old fashioned petrol stations
  • Open-uri20140410-21102-1ljk1u9
    Italychronicles 10/04/2014
    Italy Chronicles contributor, Lorenza Bacino has been on her Italy travels again. Last time she sampled Turin, this time round she explored Verona. April 2014 marks the 450th anniversary of the birth of Shakespeare and I found...
  • 20131003_103916
    Sydney Alumni Magazine 25/03/2014
    Ralph and the Queen
  • Aw11
    Sydney Alumni Magazine 18/03/2014
    Lorenza Bacino meets cardiac radiographer and knitwear designer, Brooke Roberts.
  • Open-uri20140210-7-vcfexa
    Positivenews 10/02/2014
    New charter aims to change perceptions of migration Europe / Peace & Democracy 10 Feb 2014 After 300 Eritrean asylum seekers lost their lives in a disaster at sea, a group of individuals came together to create a pact that aims...
  • 20130917_120932
    Italia! 15/12/2013
    All you need to know about Turin
  • Palazzo reale_0048
    Epoch Times 30/10/2013
    Elegant Turin
  • Miss whisky 3
    The Simple Things 11/10/2013
    Miss Whisky on how to enjoy the 'water of life'. Image courtesy of Alwynne Gwilt.
  • Open-uri20131011-10-njci77-0
    Italychronicles 10/10/2013
    Here is part one of a two part feature on Lorenza's tips on where to go and what to see on a visit to Turin. By the way, you may need a long weekend to see and do everything Lorenza did. Over to you, Lorenza... Even when it...
  • Open-uri20131011-10-5h16kh-0
    Italychronicles 10/11/2013
    Here's part two of Lorenza Bacino's two part feature on what to do and see when spending a weekend in the tantalizing northern Italian city of Turin. If the weather is good, go up in the balloon!
  • 20130521_085558
    OM magazine 28/08/2013
    Peace of mind and positive energy in Turkey
  • 20130524_095733
    Positive News 26/07/2013
    Captain June and the Dalyan Turtles
  • 20130617_153249
    The Epoch Times 24/07/2013
    AposTherapy feature, health
  • 20130522_110128
    World Travel Guide 15/07/2013
    Turtles, beaches, ruins and mud baths
  • Pict0025
    The Simple Things 25/07/2013
    Castello childhood memory
  • Oil pic
    The Simple Things 25/05/2013
    All about oils
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