Jack Oughton

Might be an owl. Is definitely a writer.

Jack Oughton is a multifaceted creative person from Croydon, Surrey, currently carving out a tenuous living as a freelance journalist and advertising writer. Publications he has contributed to include FHM, Empire, The Independent and Computeractive.

Asides from work as a writer Jack is also a semi professional photographer who specialises in portrait photography and shooting the ambient environment. He's also a composer and electronic music artist working under the name of Xij, ever chasing the dream of scoring film soundtracks for Hollywood.

He may be better known online by another of his aliases, Koukouvaya, under which he does most of his work.

Jack can be found Twitter as twitter.com/koukouvaya - follow for razor sharp aphorisms, occasional fragments of wisdom and the odd bit of gibberish.

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